Hanging out at Prague Castle

My first time traveling out of the country was to Italy, when I was 17, to attend a debate and journalism camp. (What a nerd, am I right??) The romance of the Italian countryside made me determined to live that migratory life and that’s what I’ve been doing every since I graduated high school.

I moved to Berkeley from Los Angeles to study history and Spanish (two of the most profitable majors, for sure), with a semester in Oaxaca, Mexico. After college I moved to Kansas City, Missouri and became a teacher through Teach for America (a story of its own to be ranted–ahem, told–another time). I lived and taught in Wrocław, Poland for two years then I moved to Murcia, Spain to get a Masters in bilingual education. I’m now living in Hangzhou, China. Three continents down, three more to go! (Hard pass on Antarctica.)

I write about serious and not-serious travel-related topics, like the ethics of voluntourism or the universality of dumplings and grandmothers who teach us how to cook, but also my favorite bars to get schwasted in Poland and how much food I ate in Hong Kong. (Why are all these examples about food? I must be hungry.) I wouldn’t exactly call this a travel blog, but I wouldn’t be offended if you did. I did include ‘wayfarer’ in the name, after all. (And whiskey sour is just my favorite drink.)

Enjoying feminist street art in Thessaloniki

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  1. Hey! You left a comment on our blog so I figured I’d check yours out – looks great! One of us (my better half) is actually a classically trained bartender who has competed in many cocktail competitions in Texas and Louisiana. Maybe we’ll cross paths some day 🙂
    Ashley | http://www.latenightsmissedflights.com | IG: @latenightsmissedflights


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