Hanging out at Prague Castle

My first time traveling out of the country was to Italy, when I was 17, to attend a debate + journalism camp. (What a nerd, am I right??) The romance of the Italian countryside made me determined to live that migratory life and that’s what I’ve been doing every since I graduated high school.

I moved to Berkeley from Los Angeles to study history and Spanish (two of the most profitable majors, for sure), with a semester in Oaxaca, Mexico. After college I moved to Kansas City, Missouri and became a teacher through Teach for America (a story of its own to be ranted–ahem, told–another time). I lived and taught in Wrocław, Poland for two years then I moved to Murcia, Spain to get a Masters in bilingual education. I’m now living in Hangzhou, China. Three continents down, three more to go! (Hard pass on Antarctica.)

I think that’ll be a nice epithet for my gravestone: “Lived on every continent and loved whiskey sours.”


19 Replies to “About”

  1. Hey! You left a comment on our blog so I figured I’d check yours out – looks great! One of us (my better half) is actually a classically trained bartender who has competed in many cocktail competitions in Texas and Louisiana. Maybe we’ll cross paths some day 🙂
    Ashley | http://www.latenightsmissedflights.com | IG: @latenightsmissedflights


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