Finding the quiet places in Prague

Prague is great. Prague is beautiful. But Prague is crowded. I don't know about you, but I like to have my space and not feel like I could get trampled in a sea of tourists and segways should an emergency arise. When you're sick of everyone else in Prague also being amazed at how amazing Prague is, never fear, there are places you can go where sidewalk space is ample and pickpockets are few.

A Guide to Prague Night Life, or: One of Life’s Amusing Miscommunications

I've read many travel guides that recommended staying in hotels in Wenceslas Square in Prague. I find that truly puzzling because, as anyone who has been to Wenceslas Square after 9 p.m. knows, it's not the classiest of places. Not dangerous, but definitely creepy. It's full of strip clubs, but also regular clubs, which means …