Making Anthony Bourdain proud in Hong Kong

If I’m being honest, I was a bit disappointed with Hong Kong. Not because it’s such a terrible place; in fact, I think I would probably like living and working there. But I booked my holiday there for five days, which is way too much time unless you have a lot of money to blow, or are really down to do some hardcore hiking. Or you have kids to take to Disneyland.

But between the bouts of shopping and window shopping and shaking my damn head at the ridiculous designer stores, the best thing to do in Hong Kong is to eat.

In mainland China, in most big cities, you can find pretty much anything from any part of the world, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny, and the quality may be questionable. In Hong Kong, well… it will still cost you a pretty penny, but everything in Hong Kong will cost you a pretty penny, and it will be fucking good. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, try something new, and bring pants with plenty of stretch in the waistband.

Purple potato and Hokkaido cream soft serve swirl, about 2 seconds before it started to melt

I had just gotten out of the emergency room and decided we need to get going on seeing this malvada tourist sites. As we walked around the boardwalk along Victoria Harbor, we decided to get on the Star Ferry to cross to Hong Kong Island. I had read that riding on the Star Ferry (which is part of the metro system so it only costs like 3 HKD) was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”, not to be missed in Hong Kong. That is most definitely not true. But you know what is a once-in-a-lifetime experience? This Hokkaido cream and purple potato soft serve. That shit was bomb.

Takoyaki (fried octopus balls)
Grilled octopus and glutinous rice balls

We were in our street food groove. We got some takoyaki: delicious. We were like, yeah, let’s keep this going, I like the look of this mystery octopus and these starchy balls. Turns out: not so delicious. I am big on food texture, and I do not like things that are gummy. Gummy worms, mochi, I’ll pass. So I don’t like these.

Roast goose, an Anthony Bourdain recommendation

Roast goose is always a good idea. During the fall in Europe, all year round in southern China… always a good idea. Hong Kong has roast goose restaurants a dime a dozen, so just make sure the place is full of locals and has sticky formica tabletops, and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget to smother everything in the special orange sauce which is delicious.

Creme bruleè souffle pancakes (we actually have this chain in Hangzhou!)
Pulled noodles with beef brisket with my friend Avery who I met once upon a Christmas in Vienna

We saw a cute guy hand-pulling noodles at this place, so we were like, yeah, I’m down. We realize it’s cash only. Like every fucking hole-in-the-wall in Hong Kong. We take a detour to get cash out of the ATM. My gosh, cash is so tedious. Everyone just get these online payment apps! Come back. Finally get our noodles and beef brisket. It’s so amazing. All is good with the world.

Paisano’s Pizzeria

Ok, so hear me out. Straight up we have this place in LA. My journalism teacher used to order us pizza and garlic knots whenever we stayed after school to work on the paper. I only got this pizza cause I missed proper American pizza and it smelled so good. Don’t judge me. It was delicious. Solid decision on my part.

14 Replies to “Making Anthony Bourdain proud in Hong Kong”

  1. I didn’t even know octopus had balls. Live and learn. Sign me up for those pulled noodles and beef brisket, and that crème bruleè soufflé jammie. I’m a pizza snob, but can understand wanting something that reminds you of home.

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  2. ahh i used to love to eat octopus balls and had them whenever i returned to Singapore! also heard some jokes about it haha

    i’m glad you enjoyed the food in Hong Kong, it does look delicious but I probably wouldn’t find too much to eat 😀

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  3. It’s sad to hear you didn’t enjoy the city as much as you wanted to! But I think I would have definitely agreed with you, my impression of Hong Kong is not that good neither.
    My boyfriend, as a typical Singaporean, has tried multiple times to convince me to go on a travel to Hong Kong with him. Even though the city intrigues me for its aesthetics and historical background, whenever I hear his reasons why we should go there, I always give him a resolute NO. For what I could understand, both him and his friends/family members see Hong Kong as the perfect destination for food and fashion lovers. Nothing wrong with it, I do also love food and window shopping from time to time, but spending a considerable amount of money just to eat the same food I can get in any other Asian city (Singapore included), doesn’t sound inviting to me at all. I would rather save that money and go somewhere else, possibly in mainland China, which has more authentic and genuine places worth a visit!😄
    Anyway, talking about the slice of pizza, how can I blame you? YOU ARE NOT ALONE, everybody must give voice to that inner voice in need of homey food and please it! Comfort food sometimes is necessary to better enjoy a trip 😉

    PS: That photo of the roasted duck made me go nuts, I now have the physical need to eat it 😢 Too bad I can’t find it in my area 😢

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  4. It all looks so good! Made me wanna pack my bags and fly somewhere with exotic food :)) I understand though that at times it can get too exotic, and all you wish for is something boring and familiar… instead of trying the octopus balls :))

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