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Everywhere I went in 2016

Instead of thinking about the shit storm that was 2016, I’m just gonna reminisce about all the cool places I got to visit! Hooray for navel-gazing oblivion!


Rocks and mountains and selfies and muscle memory

What are men compared to rocks and mountains and selfies? -Elizabeth Bennett, probably The last time I hiked the Rilke trail from Duino to Sistiana, I was too distracted by cute boys (and the excitement of being abroad for the first time, but mostly cute boys) to truly appreciate the scenery. And by “appreciate the… Continue reading Rocks and mountains and selfies and muscle memory


Getting lost on the Adriatic

Today I left Barcelona, spent six hours in Bologna, then took a train to Trieste, where I took my first little steps on international land almost 10 years ago. Picture this: a baby-faced, somewhat-skinnier version of me with short, Veronica Mars-esque hair let loose in the northeastern Italian countryside with other international high schoolers and no… Continue reading Getting lost on the Adriatic