On the Road: Croajingolong National Park

The second day driving was the hardest.

It wasn’t actually the longest drive I had, but this part of the winding Princes Highway somehow felt longer. Maybe it’s because of the construction that slowed down my steady 100 km/hour pace. Or the annoying camper van that slowed down my steady 100 km/hour pace. The scenery is undoubtedly beautiful, but too many hours pressing up and down on that gas pedal causes the bad tendon in my right foot to flare up.

Or maybe it’s that I didn’t realize that I booked my motel about an hour’s drive west of the entrance to Croajingolong National Park.

Lotsa ‘roos on the campgrounds here

I should mention that I planned this whole trip on my phone, because I didn’t bring my laptop to Australia. I would advise against this. When you’re on your phone, it’s more difficult to open up several browser tabs at once that would let you see the particular advantages of booking your motel in a certain town along your route. Or maybe I should’ve just done better research in general.

In the end, I got to my motel in Cann Valley around one p.m. After a quick break, I drove off to Croajingolong with the intention to go see Shipwreck Creek Beach. Once I got past Mallacoota the road started getting rougher, eventually turning into a single-lane, fully-fledged dirt path. It was going up and down steep gulleys, full of pot holes. Although I guess they’re not pot holes, because the road isn’t paved? Just some real 4×4 shit that I wasn’t super psyched to try in a rented sedan. So instead I stopped at a sign post that read “Secret Beach”, where there’s a small inlet for parking cars.


And there it was, an empty beach. Completely empty. Just me and the squeaky sand. (It turns out Squeaky Beach at Wilson’s Prom is not the only beach with noisy sand!) And I totally would’ve been sunbathing and swimming, if there was, you know, sun.

A cool cave, which I did not go into because I know what tides are
Cool close-up of rocks, because I am a nerd

There would be no sun in Victoria for the rest of the trip, but there was plenty of time and empty beach for selfie-taking!

I feel weird taking lots of selfies when there are people around who can, you know, see me

Planning note: I stayed in Cann Valley, which is pretty beautiful in its own right but almost an hour’s drive to Croajingolong’s entrance. I would recommend instead staying in Mallacoota, which is in inside Croajingolong and has accomodations for similar prices. 

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