On the Road: Toora, Victoria

The first night of a solo road trip is when it hits you: oh yeah, you’re doing this alone.

This, of course, is not my first time traveling alone. If I never traveled by myself, I probably would never go much of anywhere. When I lived in Kansas City, I only ever went somewhere if I could convince a friend to come with, or if I was meeting someone. And since I didn’t have many friends my first year in Kansas City, I didn’t do much of anything.

But that’s not me anymore. As I said a few weeks ago on Instagram: “My ancestors didn’t cross land and sea, survive wars and genocide, for me to sit on my ass and not see what this world has to offer.”

I saw a sign that said “Panoramic Viewpoint” so I followed it

So there I was in Toora (alone) after a long day of driving (alone) and hiking Wilson’s Prom (alone). And Toora is not a big place. There was one market and three restaurants open when I arrived at 7 pm: a Chinese takeaway, a pizza parlor, and a hotel saloon. (I’m sure it’s not really a saloon, but it looked like a saloon from a cowboy movie.) So yeah, it’s pretty small, especially at the end of the summer. But I’ve always thought there was something romantic about such impossibly tiny towns, probably because I grew up in such a big city. I have a romantic notion of meeting locals in a cafe or bar–which is after all not impossible; I have done it before.

But I didn’t go to that small town bar in Toora. Because even though I’d been alone pretty much all day (except for talking to the lady at the rental car agency, the visitor’s center, the motel, and the pizza place), it seemed like the right moment to be alone.

So instead I tried to follow the signs for a nearby waterfall but gave up and went sunset chasing and eating my pizza slice by slice on the side of a road, alone (unless you count the cows).

That idealized, small-town bar tale would be for another day.

And that’s ok.

Sunsets are truly something else in Victoria
Sunset from my motel
Life’s just around the bend, my friend

8 Replies to “On the Road: Toora, Victoria”

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s freeing, it’s just… what it is! It can be fun and spontaneous but also lonely or contemplative. Sometimes you have the opportunity to go somewhere and you just can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

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  1. ”If I never traveled by myself, I probably would never go much of anywhere.” – that is so me, too. It’s funny how you start almost out of lack of choice, and then bit by bit you appreciate it more every time, which doesn’t mean you don’t like company, you just begin to understand that both are not only doable, but also enjoyable. And that is freeing. At least, that’s my experience 🙂

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  2. I find the suggestion of solitude and dreaminess appealing already. And Toora, it has such a lovely vibe about its name. There’s intimacy and cosiness in small towns, and people have more time to stop for a natter. Enjoy your solo travels and be safe. xx

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