Poznań Street Art

I spent a good amount of my time in Poznań wandering down streets, into alleys, and under bridges in search of art spray painted, stenciled, or wheat pasted on buildings, gates, and cement walls. Enjoy the fruits of me wandering around like a troll all day!

A mural at the corner of Kościuszki and Taczaka. I’m pretty sure this artist also did a mural in Łódź.
Kantaka 4. This artist, Blu, has also done several murals in Wrocław. Plus this driveway leads to an alley full of good pieces and bars.
See the Pan Peryskop (Mr. Periscope) at the bottom? Keep an eye out, this guy pops up all over the city. The artist’s pseudonym is Noriaki Kasai (I looked it up)
Very Eastern European Russian nesting dolls in an alley near Plac Wolności
Woźna 13
Under the Bolesława Chrobrego Bridge
Near the Cathedral on Ostrów Tumski. There were a lot of these little paper bags painted all over.
The hearts usually accompanied the paper bags.
Śródka 4, right next to La Ruina
I told you he’d be back!
Under the railroad tracks near Ostrów Tumski
Apparently it is legal to paint murals under bridges without explicit permission.
Down by the riverrrr
Waska 1
Poznańska 13
What did I tell you?!
Pan Peryskop, one last time, on my way back to the train station.

4 Replies to “Poznań Street Art”

    1. Yes, the city governments in Poland give them these commissions to make the old Soviet buildings more attractive. They’ve also decriminalized or legalized graffiti art in designated places in many cities.

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  1. ooh, I love the way the art so seamlessly integrates with the city! (i adore the terravita one) reminds me of a book I recently read on global street art, on how street art started in nyc & philly in the 70’s, -somewhat- made its way across the world to europe, where artists developed unique styles etc. anyhow, so cool that you got to roam the gorgeous streets of poznan!

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