Sunny days in Dresden

Last time I was in Dresden (well, not the last time because I was there in the suburbs once and at the train station for a few hours another time but my last proper visit) was in December to see the Christmas markets. Where once was cold and dark, now is hot and sunny. What a difference, from walking bundled up in the rain and snow to wearing shorts and a t-shirt and relaxing on the grass. From drinking glühwein in a parka to drinking white wine on the bank of the Elbe, there’s no bad way to enjoy Dresden.

(Dear lord, I sound like a sponsored post, don’t I? It’s not. But if someone would pay me to do that I can guarantee you tens of page views!)

Strange street art in Neustadt
Wheatpastes in Neustadt
Wheatpastes pt. 2
Breaking through the walls
A cute cafe in Kunsthoffpassage, where the rain house is. I remember stopping here in December, sans outdoor tables of course.
There is a famous Canaletto painting of Dresden which they have commemorated with a metal frame so you know exactly where to stand to get the right view. Even though it’s not exactly the same angle. Or maybe he was a really bad painter. Who knows.


8 Replies to “Sunny days in Dresden”

  1. I love the frame but I LOVE the look of the little cafe! I really took agin Germany but I may have to suck it up and go visit Dresden. It really does look like a nice place to spend a weekend of wandering!

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