Street Art in Lorca

Apologies for the sparse updates; I have been on Easter holidays for the past two weeks with no access to any sort of laptop or desktop. If you follow me on Instagram (lol sorry) you’ll know I went to Paris, Basque country, and Madrid, and am now in Granada before I go back to Murcia on Wednesday. It’s been a cool vacation but I’m pretty burnt out from traveling already. I could never do a full year around the world. I don’t even have the stamina for two weeks. Anyway.

Here’s some street art from Lorca, where me and my roommates went to see the Cabalgata del Reyes before Easter. More on that at some future time. For now, enjoy what I managed to find between day drinking, chasing Spanish Hozier (a cute guy with a manbun and wire-rimmed glasses) and watching Semana Santa processions.

Part of a multimedia mural by several artists in a parking lot
Collaboration by artists Flow and Sendra
Another collaboration by Flow and Sendra

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