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What (not) to do in San Francisco

Don’t fall for the hype–some popular recommendations in San Francisco are actually terrible. You can’t believe everything travel bloggers tell you. Some humble advice for your trip to San Francisco, and musings on how to be a more ethical tourist.

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The university of the waves

Once upon a time, overeager developers looked at the picturesque California coastline and thought, Hell yeah, we’ve won the jackpot right here. What they failed to realize (or maybe just chose to ignore) is that you can’t have anything this beautiful and with such great weather without a downside. In this case, the downside is… Continue reading The university of the waves


Romantic Ramblings: Abalone Cove Edition

Everyone in LA loves to hike. Actually, everyone in California loves to hike. We love to “explore the outdoors” and “get fresh air” and “take advantage of the beautiful day”. Only every day is a beautiful day, which is great, except for the whole drought thing, so you sort of start rolling your eyes at… Continue reading Romantic Ramblings: Abalone Cove Edition