A day in Marstrand

Summering in Sweden means a few things (as I’ve previously mentioned): temperamental weather, small towns, and bodies of water. (Not that bodies of water are hard to find in Sweden, as there seem to be more bodies of water than bodies of land.) No matter where you are in Sweden, there is bound to be a lake or island close by, and let’s be real: small town and countryside are the best part of Sweden!

Fields of wildflowers and ancient walls

If you find yourself in Gothenburg, Marstrand is a town you can get to with one bus from the city center. Make sure to get on the Marstrang Express which will take about two hours to get to its final stop. A pre-paid bus ticket bought online is 65 SEK, and bought on board or at a ticket office is 71 SEK.  You can then take a ferry across to the island right across from Marstrand (28 SEK online, 31 SEK otherwise).

Grand Hotel Marstrand
Fortress Carlsten
Lots of hiking trails around the island

A small part of the island is developed, with a very shops and cafes. There are lots of hiking trails to explore, with plenty of rocky beaches and even a man-made pool or two. (Just be careful not to slip and fall in like my dumb ass did; also, the water is pretty warm in those pools.)

Plenty of man-made pools for falling into

There are a few different restaurants and cafes serving fish and seafood specialties. If you want something a bit cheaper, there’s a kiosk selling prepared fish and seafood to go, or to eat at picnic tables. Full-service restaurants are a bit pricier but offer similar fare–fish and chips, gravalox, fish stew, etc. Marstrands Wärdshus has a mix of those traditional dishes and some with more modern flair, like gravalox with wasabi mayo, sesame seeds, green onions and endive (almost like a Swedish sashimi).

Delicious meal, even if my photo arrangement is a bit off

Even though my trip to Marstrand ended somewhat dramatically (falling and spraining a tendon in my knee like the dumbass that I am), it’s still work a visit! Just because careful on those slippery-ass rocks!

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