What Would Phryne Do?

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t resist a good period drama, especially one with a fun female lead. Phryne (that’s pronounced fran-ee) Fisher, slutty lady detective (I think that’s her official title) is probably my favorite, and I asked my cousin if she knew where it was filmed within an hour of walking out of the Melbourne airport.

Phryne Fisher is the protagonist of the eponymous Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, based on a series of books by Kerry Greenwood. It follows the life and death(s) as Phryne solves murders and sleeps around Melbourne in the 1920s. Fortunately, it’s probably best you don’t go chasing murderers around Melbourne and instead just a get a taste of a few gorgeous shooting locations.

The entrance of John Andrew’s house in the pilot

The house on the Rippon Lea Estate has served as several difficult locations throughout the series, including someone’s house in the pilot, Aunt Prudence’s drawing room and pool, and the ballroom of the Grand Hotel.

The lighting was much better when they filmed here

Admission to the grounds is 10 AUS, and a guided tour of the house for another 5 dollars. The grounds are gorgeous but unless you are really interested in the history of an old house or really want to see the interiors, I would pass on the tour.

I think this fainting couch is more 50s but that screen is Jazz Age goals

The estate now belongs to the state government of Victoria, so you can rent the venue for events and they offer public events, like outdoor movies in the summer.



It’s gorgeous and perfect for a visit if you’re in the St. Kilda area. Just remember to be smart, adventurous, and slutty. (Should I start giving that out as like, general advice?) WWPD?

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