Every time we say goodbye…

…I die a little.

I leave Murcia in a little more than 12 hours. I do not think I’ll miss Murcia per se. Obviously, I will miss my friends and colleagues here. I certainly won’t miss the weather, which is currently hitting a daily high of mid-40s Celsius.


I definitely don’t feel as sad about leaving here as I did about leaving Wrocław. But as the time to move to China fast approaches, I feel a wariness I didn’t have when moving from Poland to Spain. I’m starting to feel the weight of constantly moving to a new place. I feel a certain sadness to leave the community (however far-flung) that I’ve created for myself in Europe. One of my best friends is getting married in two weeks in Los Angeles, and I’m starting to feel a pull to come home and be with my friends and family.

I guess the globe-trotting life has its expiration date.


5 Replies to “Every time we say goodbye…”

  1. The globe trotting life does indeed have an expiration date…but then, sometimes when you least expect it, it pulls at you again and you realize that “home” also has an expiration date.

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  2. I feel similarly. There’s something that draws me to stay in Europe a little longer, but i’m also longing for the stability that everyone is creating for themselves at home. With the probability of me moving back to the states early fall soon approaching i feel lowkey guilty to both be excited to go back and kind of wanting to stay (this may just be the opener for a blog piece lmao )

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  3. Crazy how quickly time passes! My living-abroad experiences aren’t as “extreme” as yours but I totally understand this longing for stability – and yet I’m afraid that once I had this stability, I’d want to go somewhere else again.


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