Why you gotta be so salty

When I was eighteen, I went on the age-old Jewish tradition known as Birthright. It’s essentially a propaganda trip (more on that some other time, maybe), but since it’s a free propaganda trip, I can’t really complain too much. One of our stops was the Dead Sea, which is a pretty amazing place. You float effortlessly through the water, as if on a cloud.

But the catch is: it burns. Any patch of dry skin burns. You have to wade carefully, so as not to accidentally splash water in your eyes (which really burns), and with your legs tightly closed because yeah, that burns too.

So when my friend Leah told me we should go to the pink salt lakes near Murcia I was a bit worried. Trust me, getting high salinity water in your cooter ain’t fun.

Leah at the Salinas de Torreviego

But luckily, the Salinas de Torrevieja aren’t quite as salty as the dead sea. (Although they are probably as salty as I am, oooooh.) The water was warm and made my skin feel incredibly smooth. I did not get any in my eyes this. And they really are pink, which is some cool alien X Files shit, although you have to play with the saturation on Instagram, of course.

Sorry but not sorry

My only regret is not getting a closer photo of me and my copper bathing suit, which I’m sure would’ve looked hella dope with the pink water.

The Salinas are part of the Parque Natural de Torrevieja. It’s hella easy to get there by car, and probably not so hard to get the bus to nearby Torrevieja and just walk.

21 Replies to “Why you gotta be so salty”

    1. I haven’t spent too much time in Torrevieja proper because my friend’s beach house is in a nearby British and Irish enclave, but I have heard that Torrevieja is full of Scandinavians 😂

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      1. I have heard that it is a place of many nationalities, but extremely popular among Norwegians. I would go there just for this: to see if they have their brown cheese in shops there 😆

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  1. Oh, I first learned about the Birthright trip in a graphic novel by Sarah Glidden called “How to Understand Israel in 60 Days Or Less.” It was really interesting to read about — I think if you’ve been on a Birthright trip, then you’ll understand the graphic novel really well, so I recommend reading it! 😋 Also, thanks for the little tidbits about wading in salty water — I’ll keep that in mind if I ever visit the Dead Sea, Salinas de Torrevieja, or any salty body of water in this world while traveling 😂

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    1. Yes, be careful! Also if you go to the Salinas de Torrevieja make sure to bring some water to rinse off with. Unlike the dead sea, it’s completely undeveloped so there are no spas or public showers, and that salt is super itchy when it dries on your skin.

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