International Women’s Day

Did you know International Women’s Day was originally International Working Women’s Day, started by American socialists in 1910? And my friend was surprised when we saw the Communist marched by on Thursday…


You foolish men who lay the guilt on women, not seeing you’re the cause of the very thing you blame


I thought the turnout for the march in Murcia was quite impressive, although it was probably helped by the fact that it didn’t start until 8 pm, so people wouldn’t have to skip out on work. Because there’s nothing more feminist than corporations co-opting of feminism and then punishing women who might actually strike for the huelga feminista.

I think the distinction between just women and working women is important, because in 1910 it meant a huge difference. It meant the difference between the privilege of the leisure class and those who had no choice but to work and be exploited by their employers. And now as it stands, it is poor, working-class (and also POC) women that have the most obstacles to overcome, that suffer the most from sexist and misogynistic exploitation. After all, many white women have made gains by exploiting WOC and furthering white supremacy.

So I hope any companies that say they support International Women’s Day start putting their fucking money where their mouth is and remember what this holiday is really about. Because right now your mouth is writing checks that your ass can’t cash.

5 Replies to “International Women’s Day”

      1. Well, I did study Spanish at school. Now that I live in Mexico, it comes in handy. That poem was part of a street art mural near where I live. A very nice poem. Sor Juana was very talented.


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