Porto Street Art

Porto, being the travel hot-spot that it is, is inundated with street art. Some of it is for the enjoyment of visitors, some of it explicitly tells tourists to fuck off. Behind every painting or wheatpaste or installation their is a story, someone with something they wanted to say through the medium of their city.

A book installation at the vintage warehouse at Armazém
An open house
Street artist: Hazul

Almost every electrical box was painted or decorated
Like these boxes with beards made of grass (also featuring the Missing: Artist wheatpaste, and other stickers pretty common around the city)
I’m not always in my opinion
Street artists Hazul and Costah
Porto is not for sale

11 Replies to “Porto Street Art”

  1. Awesome. Porto is full of street art. I have hundreds shots of costah and hazel creations… even don’t see a begin when and how to upload lol. Porto, a real street art hunting paradise. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Oporto is such a beautiful, magical and underrated city. I loved it more than Lisbon. Some of my best travel memories started in Oporto. Did you try the wine?!


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