Street Art in Bristol

Remember how I said Bristol was a perfect mix of traditional and modern? Well I meant it! Supposedly Banksy is from Bristol (ew), which means the tradition and love for street art is strong here, and really, what more could a girl ask for? Except for asking that people get the fuck over Banksy, like who cares, there are better artists in the world.

Every underpass is a canvas


Fox Road, aptly illustrated
Wallace and Gromit is made in Bristol!


Welcome to Bristol
My favorite mural

Near the bus station there is a huge under-crossing called the Bear Pit. It’s the central spot for political street art and also hipster coffee stands and a Mexican restaurant in an old double-decker bus. (My carnitas quesadilla was pretty good.) Some of my favorite works:

Mulder, are you listening?
Of course some asshole is arguing pro-racism!

This is really just a small sample. There was so much street art, and it was pretty much everywhere. My hands were cold so I didn’t always want to pull my phone and take a picture. But every underpass, bridge, unmonitored stretch of wall has been turned into a canvas.

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