Bienvenidos a Murcia

Down by the river

I arrived in Murcia two weeks ago today. I started my Masters program a week ago. In that time, I have:

  • found an apartment
  • done a lot of paperwork
  • seen some sights with my two best friends from Poland
  • learned some Murcian history
  • gone to a nightclub at 7 p.m.
  • found some hipster coffee shops
  • completed a morphology presentation on nouns (haven’t presented it yet though, that’s tomorrow)
  • made plans to go to Barcelona this weekend
Casino Real de Murcia

It’s been a bit crazy, between trying to understand murcianos (this accent don’t fuck around, y’all), and gallivanting with my friends who’ve come to visit instead of doing my laundry (whoops), and also you know, classes and stuff. I also talked to some ornithologists who were on a pub crawl. Well, Ala started talking to them, because she loves birds, but they were very nice and interesting and I think they should meet my mother (who loves birdwatching). I also found a website where I can buy proper peanut butter in bulk.

I’m currently still looking for a job, a gym, and a bank.

ETA: Just joined a gym. Still looking for the other two though.

Catedral de Murcia

Completely unrelated to my life, but I also wanted to share this very thoughtful comment I got on my last entry, posted by someone who clearly read every word:


Very useful tips about moving abroad, that’s me. The giver of excellent advice and not lengthy meditations on having too many clothes.

11 Replies to “Bienvenidos a Murcia”

    1. For sure, but only if you follow me on Instagram 😉
      It’s like, I know they gotta leave a bunch of comments a day to “increase traffic” but damn, if you even glance at that blog entry you’d realize it’s not a list listicle!


  1. I hope you’re enjoying time your in Murcia!
    Sorry about the accent haha. I know it’s tough, but you’ll come to understand murciano enough 🙂

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