A quick update from Sweden

Hej hej! I’m currently on week 4 out of 5 in Herräng. I’ve been swinging and partying and bitching about the shitty summer weather (sometimes it decides to be sunny and 20˚C which now feels warm but right now it’s raining). I’ve really started nailing the Swedish accent which is hilarious.

Staying at Herräng for all five weeks is so different than I thought it would be (last year I stayed one week), and it’s been so many ups and downs that sometimes I feel like I’m getting whiplash, but in a kinda good way? Some days I feel great, like I have all this energy and potential as a dancer, and some days I feel like my legs are made of lead and everyone I dance with is secretly judging me and thinks I’m a terrible dancing.

It’s very strange to stay more than a week, because the longer we get into the summer, the shorter the days get. I mean, they’re still hella long, but the sun is setting earlier and rising later, reminding me that we’ve started the slow descent into winter. But I’m trying not to let that get me down, to appreciate what we have when we have it.

10 Replies to “A quick update from Sweden”

  1. too bad I couldn’t find you! Herrang is a weird place to spend as long as 5 weeks… I would know, I spent 7 weeks there in 2015… did the whooole thing! I learned so much that summer on dancing, humans and work. Hope you had an overall good experience and didn’t overwork yourself!

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  2. actually I’m really looking forward to autumn 😀 (but this is coming from a person who is living in a city with over 30°C for almost 2 weeks and I can’t bear the heat any longer!!) hope you liked it up in the north nevertheless 😉

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