Where the @#$%! have you been?!

Image via Herrang.com

Hello loyal followers, who I’m sure actually exist and await each blog post with bated breath! If you’re wondering why it’s been 13 days since my last update on this blog (and almost as many on my Instagram), it’s because I have disappeared into the Swedish wilderness for that crazy lindy hop retreat known as Herräng!

Herräng is a magical place where you meet dancers from all over the world, learn new moves and techniques, and have weird conversations in the middle of the day where a guy from Alabama teaches you a new way to tie your shoes. Herräng is the reason I went to Bergen last fall, to Kyiv in January, and to Biel/Bienne when I was in Switzerland.

Last summer was such a magical experience for me that I decided I should stay all 5 weeks this summer! We just started Week 2, so updates will slow to a trickle for now. Maybe in between the working, dancing, and existential conversating I will get a chance to update, but probably not. Enjoy your summer, and I’ll see you in August-ish.


Image via Herrang.com

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