Swiss Miss

I had never really thought much about Switzerland before Monika from Destination Humanity encouraged me to visit. Sure, I had seen pictures and Rick Steves specials (my mother watches a lot of PBS) but it didn’t occur to me as a place I was dying to visit. But it turns out you should visit it, because in person it is amazingly, staggeringly beautiful.


What cameras fail to capture is the crisp mountain air, cleansing your lungs of the coal-and-tire-burning pollution. (Yes, they still burn coal in Poland and sometimes they burn old tires??) It fails to capture the feeling of awe as the train rounds a corner to reveal a sparkling lake sitting before another snow-capped peak, in a valley full of Alpine cottages and stone churches. It’s been seen so many times in movies that it doesn’t feel real until it’s there, in front of you, the same sun that’s hitting the mountain touching your face.

On the way to Reichenbach Falls, where Sherlock Holmes died

I arrived on a sunny Saturday after an unseasonable spring snowfall two nights before. The mountains (and even some of the towns) were still blanketed with white, but it was warm enough to wear a dress with light tights and a thin sweatshirt. The combination of perfect snowy hillsides with comfortably warm weather made everything more magical, like this place couldn’t possibly be real.

Picnic of veggies, hummus, and cookie butter

As we hiked and picnic’d on mountains and almost died because we took the wrong path and nearly missed the last gondola down the slope on a Sunday afternoon, every turn was simply breathtaking, in a way that seems so cheesy, you want to add a curse word or two to your blog entry so it doesn’t sound like you’re shamelessly promoting the Switzerland Board of Tourism.

Monika and me on the ferry on Lake Lucerne

Then after you’re done hiking around the mountains and deciding which chalet you’ll break into and spend the night just in case you get stuck on top of this mountain at nightfall (I’m sure the owners will understand that we just didn’t want to die), there’s the rest of the country. Charming cities and towns and lakes, some French, some German, some both. Chocolate factories. Cows and goats and sheep lounging around picturesque green fields, the sounds of their bleeting harmonizing with the bells around their necks. An amazingly on-time and efficient train system that can take you to the smallest village, even though you might need to pay for five day passes with your first-born child.

So save up your dollars, because you should definitely see Switzerland at least once, even if you end up penniless and poor afterwards.


23 Replies to “Swiss Miss”

  1. Your trip was awesome!! I want to go so bad. I’ve been to Switzerland for a few random day trips on a lake and stuff but I haven’t toured it properly. I want to hike, ride bikes, zip line, etc. I haven’t done it yet because I’ll have to save big time for it but I should plan for that 🙂

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    1. Yeah, anything extra like zip lining, toboganning, renting bikes, etc is probably gonna cost a pretty penny. I mean, just a cappucino costs 4-5 francs! (about 4-5 euros) Save ya monies 😉


  2. Lovely shots!!! Zurich is my favourite city in Europe, I hope you enjoyed it 😉
    Last summer I went on a trip with my parents to discover the whole country, it was extremely interesting, although we ended up penniless as well.
    Thanks for sharing 😀


  3. I want to go to there! It looks so incredibly beautiful that it is beyond belief. I had to see it from the French side in Saint-Genis-Pouilly and it looked so Sound Of Music. I wanted to dance with the furry cows that roamed the foothills of the Alps. I like to point out that in the great melting pot that is America, I have yet to meet a single immigrant of Swiss descent. Who would be dumb enough to leave paradise?


  4. I have been CRAVING Switzerland for ages; it’s such a scenic and gorgeous country. My grandad is actually going there in a few weeks (he’s got a caravan and he’s touring Europe for six weeks) and I wanted to jump in the back of his car and sneak off with him xD lovely post!xx

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      1. It’s definitely on the bucketlist! Yes – they’re French so they start off in the south or france and they used to take me and it’s such a beautiful country. If you ever get the chance to caravan through Europe, definitely go for it!

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