And that’s a wrap on Czechia

The best view of the Žižkov skyline is from a fourth floor walk-up dance studio terrace

Last weekend was my final trip to Prague for the foreseeable future. I’ve been to the city seven times now, each time trying to explore a new neighborhood but mostly end up drinking lots of coffee and being too tired from dancing all the time. I love this city immeasurably, and every time I leave, I wish that I had more time to explore, or maybe the energy of a 20-year-old who can dance all night then still go sightseeing the next day. But I digress.

Since this was my last time in the Czech Republic, I tried very hard to get rid of all my Czech crowns. I have too many different currencies sitting in plastic bags in my room, and frankly it’s annoying to have so many damn types of money to sort out. What happened to this whole Euro thing? What’s the point if half these countries aren’t even on the Euro? But I digress. Again.

I wanted to make a clean break. I calculated it meticulously; making sure to pay with cash only when necessary. By Sunday, I had it planned perfectly: I need exactly 60 crowns to pay for my bags at the left luggage. I had 110 extra, which paid for my hot chocolate and my friend’s chai latte exactly. (No tip though, cause the waitress was kinda a bitch.)

So I arrived at the bus station at ten to midnight, and my bus leaves in half an hour. I go up to the counter and plopped down the 60 crowns with the satisfaction that comes when things come out perfectly even.

“Ummm,” says the left luggage lady. “It’s 120. That’s not enough.” (She said this in Czech. But I speak enough Polish to know what’s going on.)

“Why?” I ask (in Polish). “It says 60.”

“No, you have two pieces, it’s 60 each.”

Well, shit. The best laid plans, as they say.

I run over the ATM. It’s 5 to midnight and the waiting hall closes when the clock strikes 12. The ATM is out of cash. I run to the information desk to ask the bored-sounding concierge if there’s another ATM nearby. There is, inside the metro, to the left. I find it. For some reason it’s the only ATM in Europe that isn’t in multiple languages, but like I said, I know enough Polish that I can withdraw cash in Czech. I try to get 100 crowns. Haha, fuck you, says the ATM (in Czech), you can’t take out 100 or 200 bills. I mean, my Czech isn’t that great, but I’m pretty sure it really did say ‘fuck you’.

So 500 crowns it was.

Is anyone going to the Czech Republic soon? I have 440 crowns I could give you. Will accept the going market rate for Euros.

St. Procopius Church in Žižkov 

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