Updates from the life of a chronic procrastinator

Real footage of me being a lazy mothertrucker, courtesy of the Hungarian National Gallery

Hey y’all! I would love to say that I haven’t been updating because I’ve been super busy, but that wouldn’t be true. Things have been quite normal in terms of workload and schedule, but I’ve still been majorly slacking in the blog update department.

I have stuff I want to write about! I went to Switzerland last week for a long weekend (which you already know about if you follow me on Instagram) and it’s such an amazing place, I #canteven. I also still have things I want to write about from my trip back home to Los Angeles in February (whoops lol). I still have blogging awards and tags that I never did (whoops x2), and entries about the books I’ve read so far this year.

Switzerland is so pretty!

But when I sit down with the WordPress editor, I’ll write for a few minutes, then get bored and decide I’d rather be watching Jane the Virgin or Brooklyn Nine Nine or Dear White People, or maybe getting a drink with my friends (inside, unfortunately, because this spring has been supremely cold and shitty so far).

I’m anxiously awaiting the start of summer (today’s weather is promising), to take time to enjoy Wrocław more before I have to leave. I only have three weekend trips planned between now and when I leave on June 30: Prague this weekend for a dance workshop, Vienna for a long weekend, and Berlin TBD to visit my German BFF. Then I’ll spend six weeks in Sweden at Herräng Dance Camp, then three weeks in Los Angeles, then a couple of weeks bumming around the Balkans before I move to Spain on October 1.

So hopefully I’ll get my shit together after this weekend and have some more interesting updates than my excuses for not updating. Or I’ll just post a “photo essay”, which I think is just a way to get out of writing a real blog post.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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