Bust your ass to get to Budapest

Despite cries of excitement at the prospect of me moving to Europe so they could come visit me, only one of my friends had come to visit me in the almost two years since I moved to Poland. A few months ago, I finally roped another into buying a flight.

I’ve known Laura since her mother (our chemistry teacher) had the poor sense to sit us next to each other in the back of the room 12 years ago, thinking that for once we would shut up. (Didn’t work!) We’ve been BFF ever since.

This is typical of us: I try to be a cute basic bitch and Laura makes a silly face

Laura decided she had enough money, and it had been long enough since she’d last been to Europe, so here we are with our little Easter vacation. Before leaving Los Angeles, Laura had a million questions, because as she puts it: “YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY ABILITY TO GET LOST.” Considering the language barrier and Poland’s reputation as not the friendliest place (a bit undeserved but we’ll talk about that later), I can understand her apprehension.

So Laura was set to fly in to Warsaw today, and this morning I get a message saying her flight to Warsaw has been delayed 3 hours. Not a big deal in the world of international travel. Only thing is, Laura is supposed to get on a bus to Budapest one hour and forty-five minutes after her new scheduled landing time. Is she gonna make it through Warsaw’s infamous traffic?

Well, no. She was in the taxi for over an hour, and the bus departure time was minutes away, and the GPS said there was still 25 minutes to go. So she turned around and headed to the central station to try and get a ticket on the overnight train. I give her the details on which window to go to, which ticket to ask for, etc.

She messages me that the train is full.


But wait, she messages one second later. There are still sleeper cars left!

And now she is in the car next to mine, or at least it will be the one next to mine when I get on the same train in Katowice.

I realized last night that I could’ve bought us both tickets from Katowice to Budapest, and told her to get from Warsaw to Katowice (pretty easy to do by bus or train). I’m not sure why this plan of action didn’t occur to me. But nevertheless, here we are, on the same night train, in adjacent wagons, heading to Budapest for Easter. I’m hoping my level head and savvy travel experience can temper her bad luck and lack of an internal compass. Fingers crossed.

12 Replies to “Bust your ass to get to Budapest”

  1. Actually Polskibus has connections between Wroclaw and Budapest. Its seats are very nice in my opinion. Let me know if you need some information about Budapest 🙂 And have fun there! 🙂

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      1. Ohh, nice! Then maybe you don’t need to be so hardcore to do everything in a day 😀 I didn’t put it on my list, but it’s also nice to walk on the edge of Danube at Pest side. At “Fővám tér” there is the Main Market Hall, where you can see many souvenir shops (the hall itself is also very beautiful), and they sell lot of traditional foods, like goulash soup, and lángos. I also advice you to try the chimney cake “kürtős kalács”, but not in touristy areas! At Nyugati Railway Station, and at Blaha Lujza tér there is a stall where you can buy. I’m sure there are more spots in the city, and they costs half than in the touristy areas.

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      2. Yes I have been looking forward to the food for so long! I didn’t eat any chimney cakes in Prague last weekend because I want to try them on Budapest instead! Thank for the recommendations 😁


      3. Yeees, that’s a very nice decision! 😉 You’re very welcome! 🙂 Ohh, and if you like cottage cheese (the sweet one), I can suggest you a very nice chocholate called “túró rudi”. You can buy it in any grocery stores (from the fridge). That’s a really Hungarian thing, I haven’t seen it in Poland or anywhere else. Have fun! 🙂

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  2. What a fun way to spend Easter with one of your close friends! A year ago I visited Amsterdam in Easter 🙂 This year a proper Easter breakfast with my boyfriend and his family. Have fun you guys! How long does it take to go to Budapest by train from Poland?

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