How to save money in London

Holy shit guys, London is so expensive! I spent last weekend there, and holy shit! Did you know it’s £4.90 for one tube ride without an Oyster card???? That’s so expensive! That’s almost 24 złoty! I can buy a whole meal, with a drink and a side for 24 złoty! Do you know what the tram costs here?? Only 3 złoty! Like, I just looked at my bank statement, and I spent £30 on lunch one day, which ends up being almost 150 zł. Lord have mercy.

Anyway, here are some super helpful and only slightly sarcastic tips for saving money in London:

1. Know someone who lives in London, and by some miracle has enough room for you to stay with, even if it’s on a dorm-issued mattress next to their bed.

Luckily my friend Jenny is getting her Master’s at the London School of Economics

2. Only go to free museums, which is luckily most of them. The National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate (Britain and Modern), National Portrait Gallery. Seriously, about 70% of my time was spent in museums. Which, as an aspiring art hoe, is actually quite fun for me. The Tate Modern even has free tours in each gallery every half hour (and not like free walking tour free where you have to tip at the end, but actually free). And don’t be intimidated when they ask you for a pound for a map; it’s just a suggested donation. Also, you probably don’t need a map.

National Gallery

3. Use free WiFi, available at most museums mentioned above.

4. Control the weather so it’s sunny and you can enjoy a free picnic in the park.

Spring has sprung in Kensington

5. Find an oyster card on the ground with £3.20 already on it. Take the bus instead of the tube. Or just walk. Walk until your feet bleed. The blood can also double as fabric dye!

6. Participate in an anti-Brexit march. It’s free, and it takes you past all the main sights like Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, and Westminster.

Maybe don’t use the slogan of a losing presidential candidate to make your point?

7. Buy a bottle for Polish vodka from the airport before your flight. Pre-game with a couple nice, long pulls because those drinks be expensive.

8. Instead of trying the latest Instagram-ready food trend, skip the line and get taiyaki and egg custard tarts at a Chinese bakery for half the price.

Taiyaki with green tea ice cream!

9. Don’t go to London. Just don’t. Want to see Big Ben? I think they have a fake one in Las Vegas. Go there instead.

10. Just kidding, London is amazing! You should definitely go!

I was gonna pretend to use the phone but it smelled like pee, so I decided to just hang out outside

26 Replies to “How to save money in London”

  1. ahah! I love this… I live in London and the cost is awful. At one point I didn’t have a holiday for around 8 years, bar one weekend away in Britain, and I don’t remember the last time I went to a cinema or hairdresser. I of course know people who earn more who have no idea where I’m coming from but reading your post made me feel like It’s Not Me, It’s London. I am finally going to move somewhere cheaper this year & I can’t wait!

    For visitors, it’s probably worth noting most attractions are walking distance (the tube map makes things look further than they are) and oyster cards are generally worth the money. But don’t ask me; I never leave the house except to walk to work because about 60% of my wages go towards the luxury of a place to sleep *deep breath* In all seriousness, I hope you did have a good time though 🙂

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  2. Number 6 is so funny! You have such a good sense of humour! London has so much to offer and the free museums are my favourites! 🙂 There are a lot of other off-the-beaten-track locations you can visit for free as well. Have you been to the Sky Garden to enjoy a panoramic view of the city? The Camden Town area is incredibly cool! There is cheap street food there. A walk along the canal nearby is a must – on a sunny day of course! 🙂

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