Prague, without pictures


This weekend I planned a trip to Prague (my fourth!) to show the city to the two new American teachers at my school. The trip started off great: we got to Prague only and hour and a half late (practically on time for PolskiBus), and I had a great list of things I wanted to show them, and had picked out a litany of new cafes and bars to try, dutifully saved on Google Maps. And then, on Saturday morning, as we walk to our cute breakfast cafe destination, my phone suddenly goes blank, and all that I can get to appear is the LG reboot screen.

I tried everything. I held down the home button. I took out the battery and blew on it, like you used to do with Nintendo cartridges. I took out the SIM card then put it back in. I plugged in the phone, even though it had been at 95% battery when it went out. But to no avail. Nothing worked. My phone was, for all intents and purposes, dead.


It’s a strange feeling, not taking out my phone every 10 seconds to take a photo. Especially in a city like Prague, where even the sights I’ve seen four times are just begging to be photographed. There’s something liberating about not trying to take pictures of everything, of not thinking about what to put on Instagram.

But I would really like my phone to work again. I miss the ‘gram. GIVE ME LIKES AND COMMENTS, PLZ!

Subsisting on the glow of other people’s Instagrams

6 Replies to “Prague, without pictures”

    1. Yes, I was devastated! How can I take pictures of my food, or pictures of myself in front of the John Lennon Wall??? HOW WILL MY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS KNOW TO BE JEALOUS OF ME? But it was kinda cool, feeling like the year 1999 or something.

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  1. Prague is the best!! What a new experience for you indeed to go on without photographing in such a beautiful city. I thought PolskiBus ran pretty much on time.. I don’t remember experiencing late arrivals/departures etc. :/
    I have only been to Prague once in spring and it was magical – but I should really go often, especially when I live so close (not as you though 😛 ).. I am thinking of going this winter for the Christmas markets. Have you been to Prague during winter?


    1. PolskiBus is usually late because of the traffic. And the traffic in Wroclaw is TERRIBLE.
      I was actually in Prague last Christmas, and it is still amazingly pretty and charming. The Christmas market in the main square is too crowded and way overrated, but everything else is really nice.

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