Adventures at home

Since coming back to Poland, I’ve been hemorrhaging money like crazy… but no regrets, because there is so much to do and see before the summer ends. New restaurants, new coffee shops, new street art… I’m trying to enjoy the sunlight and nice weather while it lasts, before the cold, cold winter sets in. I want as many days as I can wearing shorts or summer dresses, enjoying the sun as it sinks down over the Odra River. I want as many ice cream cones as I can stomach before the frosty weather banishes me to only eating ice cream in my apartment. (Although freezing weather doesn’t seem to stop most Polish people from eating a cone as they walk down the street… they’re crazy.)

Light fixtures at Ogień, a new pizzeria in Nadodrze
Cafe Rozrusznik, with specialty, in-house coffee roasting

Spotted on a wall near the river
My fave new art installation near Rynek
Inside the Capitol Teatr at Arkady
Found this near my apartment. Pretty sure this is a Shepard Fairey, right?
42 cm in diameter, less than 7$!
Sunsets over Wyspa Słodowa
I live next to an ice cream shop, it’s dangerous
Croque Madame at Le Chef
Bulwar Politechniki, a.k.a. the river bank beach by the Polytechnic University
Bulwar Politechniki
Politechnika cable cars over the river
Those colored lights are a beach bar called Odrapany
Uniwersytet Wrocławski: still gorgeous

Kayaking, followed by lying in bed complaining about how sore my shoulders are

From happy hour on a river barge and rooftop techno parties, to kayaking and beach bars, to weekend brunch and coffee shops. We can sleep–or binge-watch Netflix–when we’re dead. Or when winter comes. Y’know, whichever is first.

12 Replies to “Adventures at home”

  1. Stunning images of Wrocław and Odra! Honey, freezy Polish winters are gone! Right now, this is not the same like before, I remember minus 33C in the night and I had to walk the dog, ha, ha! Did you see in Wrocław most people with ice-creams in winter? This is weird, because I live here in Poland all my life and I have never seen most Polish people with cones, who are walking down the street in a freezy time… It must be some new habit in Wrocław, indeed!

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  2. Beautiful photos. I really miss the sun here in Poland 😦 I should visit Wroclaw some day, it looks like a beautiful city. I have only been to Wroclaw airport and bus station a couple of times, but always as a transit to somewhere else 🙂


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