What to even say about Croatia

I tried for a long time to think of an angle for my post about Croatia. Would I go with the typical fawning over the “Pearl of the Adriatic”? Or would I try to be more edgy and cynical, pointing out how Americans think they’ve discovered Croatia when really, Europeans have been vacationing here for decades? Or better yet, would I try to weave something weighty and profound about Tito and communism and the war I barely understand with the modern forces shaping this unusually-shaped country?

Ultimately, nothing I tried to write was to my liking, because I didn’t need an “angle”. I couldn’t find the right words because there were no right words, because the words just seemed ill-fitting and unnecessary. Some places can just speak for themselves.






Somehow, between scheduling this post and its publishing date, the whole text of this post mysteriously disappeared. The title, featured image, tags, etc all remained, but what I had tried to write was gone. I’ve tried to re-write it, although I have the most annoying feeling that it’s not as good as my previous draft. Maybe it’s further proof to let Croatia speak for itself.

13 Replies to “What to even say about Croatia”

  1. How are those buildings built right into the sea?
    I like the wash hanging between the windows. Reminds me of days when my family and friends lived in apartment buildings and we would sit on the stoop to talk.


  2. Croatia is just beautiful. I loved the country – I just found it a little too touristy. But there is a reason why they are a top summer destination for Europeans right 🙂 I spent few days on one of the Croatian islands this past summer and I will blog about the experience soon! 🙂
    Pooja @lostinprettyeurope


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