The world’s shortest joke

My Slovenian friend said to me, “Do you want to hear the world’s shortest joke?”

“Yeah, ok.”

“A couple goes walking along the Slovenian coast.”

(If you’re puzzled, look it up on a map.)

Sunset at the Koper marina

Slovenians seem to have a bit of a complex about their coastline. Wedged in the crack between Italy and Croatia, they insist both are more beautiful than anything they have to offer. But if you’d like more space and fewer tourists, Slovenia is the place to go. Inland there awaits an entire gorgeous country, with mountains and rivers and lakes so picturesque you can’t quite believe your eyes. But even the coast, which Slovenians disparage as inferior to the more popular Croatia, is something special to behold. You can see how different cultures come together here–Slovene, Venetian, Austrian, Italian–all putting in their part to make a beautiful, charming place despite what the locals may think.



6 Replies to “The world’s shortest joke”

  1. Oh I can’t wait to go!! A nature-loving, fresh-air, getaway :).

    Any tips on activities for cheap like kayaking and paddle boarding?


  2. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I’ve never been out of the country but my boyfriend loves Croatia and has always wanted to take me there, when we finally do, we’ll have to stop through Slovenia!


  3. Hahha. That’s a good joke. 😀 As a Slovenian, I must say that your observation is spot-on, we indeed have a number of complexes, not just about our coast. And yet, it compares, oh how it compares, the entire country does. I suppose more and more people worldwide are becoming aware of it.

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