Sunday Funday Disco Dancing

Find yourself bored in LA on a Sunday night?

As someone who is mostly comes to LA to visit for a week or two, I often find myself without any Monday obligations, ready to turn up on a Sunday.

Luckily, the Short Stop in Echo Park has my back.


Every Sunday at Short Stop is soul/disco night, which means great old-school jams ranging from disco to blues to rockabilly and 50s/60s pop. They’ll even throw in some Sugarhill Gang for good measure.

Enjoy the disco ball, ample dance floor space, and get ready to work work work work.

When you’re hungry at the end of the night, head down Sunset a few blocks to Alvarado and get some munchies at the taco truck in the car wash parking lot. The al pastor tacos are always a good bet.


The Short Stop

Address: 1455 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Directions: Look it up on Google Maps, fam. Also, beware if there’s a Dodger game going on (although they do have drink specials during games).

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