Romantic Ramblings: Abalone Cove Edition


Everyone in LA loves to hike. Actually, everyone in California loves to hike. We love to “explore the outdoors” and “get fresh air” and “take advantage of the beautiful day”. Only every day is a beautiful day, which is great, except for the whole drought thing, so you sort of start rolling your eyes at the thought of “taking advantage of the beautiful day”, but my mother still guilts me into doing it. You might hear about celebrities and aspiring celebrities and Kardashians hiking in the Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon in their trendy active wear and designer sunglasses. That’s great and all. But I don’t my parents don’t live in that part of LA. We live in the South Bay (google it), near the Port of Los Angeles, and we gotta make due with what we got.

Sunny day…
…cloudy day
Sun or fog, it’s still pretty nice

Abalone Cove, while not a good spot for celebrity-sighting, is still a good place to see people in expensive yoga pants. It’s probably the richest neighborhood in LA, if not the entire US. It’s right next to a Trump golf course. (Ew.) The entrance has a ridiculous parking fee, and if you park in the church across the street, they leave a vaguely threatening note on your windshield about how they have taken down your license plate number, which frankly I don’t think this very Christian of them. But Palos Verdes worships at the altar of the Almighty US Dollar, not Jesus, which is probably how they got so rich in the first place.

The best part about Abalone Cove is next to a stretch of coast called Portuguese Bend, known to locals as that one road that is like a roller coaster cause the tectonic plates under it keep moving (woo, earthquakes!). The cool thing about constant land movement is you get cool rock formations, I think, probably. (I am an expert geologist.) Also, erosion? From the waves? Yeah, probably erosion.


Danger is my middle name

My best friend pretending to be a mermaid

Whatever the really cool scientific explanations are, Abalone Cove is a great place to take a nice walk down a cliff and enjoy the beach and tide pools. Poke some sea anemones, pretend to be a mermaid posing on the rocks, or even stay quiet for a moment or two as you listen to the crash of the waves and the unrelenting entropy of the universe. It’s in LA, but it’s a nice escape from LA nonetheless. No wild Kardashian encounters, promise.


Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

Address: 5970 Palos Verdes Dr South, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Getting There: There is a mythical bus line that goes through Portuguese Bend, but I have never seen it. If you don’t live in the area, I would rent a car.

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