In the gutter, looking at the stars

Tryna’ look cool with my BFF Oscar. Also, whoever made this statue: thanks for making his pose so fey. I feel like he would be proud.

I was obsessed with Oscar Wilde in high school. My pinnacle of cleverness was sarcasm and sick burns, and Wilde has some good ones attributed to him. Of course, many of his noteworthy quotes are from his plays or novels, which means they are things that characters said, and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the author. But those subtle distinctions were lost on me at 14 years old, and I embraced quoting Oscar Wilde with fervent enthusiasm.

One quote I never quite understood, though, was “Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.” I mean, sure, I agreed with it, because I’d agree with anything he wrote, but what the fuck does that actually mean? I tried not to let my confusion show through my pretentious teen-aged intellectual posturing.

But now I know what it means, because I’ve experienced the Irish hangover. And let me tell you, no one who drinks that much says anything worth hearing before 10 a.m.

No worries, just whiskey

The Irish friends I met on a Thursday night all had jobs to go to the next day, yet they stayed out later than I did, and drank more. (In between giving me shit for wearing “pajamas” (yoga pants) out to a bar.) People’s desire to have a good time trumped any sense of responsibility and frankly, I like it better that way.

Every city has a vibe. Some places you visit, and you are overwhelmed by its beauty or charm. Paris*, Prague , Florence, San Francisco. Other cities are just… cool. Berlin, Barcelona, New Orleans. Dublin falls into the latter category. You might not make the wisest decisions while you’re there, but you’ll certainly have some stories to tell the next day.

*Readers will know I’m not Paris’ biggest fan, but it’s widely regarded as charming and romantic, so I’ll include it for the sake of argument.

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