Drink in Prague: coffee cube

I don’t want to be a hipster–but what makes something hipster or not hipster? Where is the line? Isn’t constantly complaining about how much you hate hipsters really the most hipster thing you can do?

So even though I hate to admit it, one of my favorite coffee shops in Prague is pretty frickin’ hipster.

coffee cube has it all–a non-traditional storefront (it’s a cube, duh), the wood paneling, the fair-trade coffee, the intentionally not-capitalized letters… But it’s so good!

Image via TripAdvisor

Run by two Czech – Californian guys (you would never know until you speak to them in English and dude-iest California surfer boy accent comes out), their coffee is great, with lots of specialty drinks I haven’t seen anywhere else, at good prices too.

My favorite is the honey mocha. Normally I don’t go for sweet coffee drinks, but this drink doesn’t have any of that sticky, syrupy sweetness. It’s honey, cocoa powder, espresso and steamed milk. Simple, but delicious. Sweet without tasting like fake sugar. Absolutely perfect.

They also encourage customization. They’re happy to make your drink however you like it–just ask!

You can find coffee cube at Jakubská, Staré Město, Praha 1. It’s right around the corner from the Palladium (a huge mall in the city center). There are a bunch of other cubes serving food and drinks nearby so take a break and caffeinate yourself, cause taking pictures of pretty things is exhausting.

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