Spring broke in Barcelona

Most of my travels in Europe have been weekend trips, which limits my time but also my budget. What’s a girl to do when in a Euro-zone country and the zloty is falling comparatively every day?


So far I’ve taken advantage of two free walking tours, and eaten mostly from my friend’s fridge and the bodega down the street. Oh, and I also pretend to be a student a lot to get a discount. Sometimes it helps to still look 18 when you’re in your mid-twenties.


Luckily, Barcelona is a great city for just walking and taking it all in. There are tons of parks, usually on the top of a hill so you can get a good view and a great workout after eating all that paella.


I spent an hour at Park Güell walking around and listening to buskers play Spanish guitar. It’s so tempting to say fuck it, and spend a ton of money while on holiday with the excuse that it’s a break from real life, but there’s something satisfying about learning to enjoy things and be with your own mind instead of paying for gratification.

Sorry to get so New Age-y, I swear I’m not a yoga teacher. Just pinching pennies–well, grosze.


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