Ne me quitte pas mon cher


Notre Dame, queen of all my AP Art History dreams

I’ve heard many people talk about how much they love Paris. How they loved it at first sight, and have loved it ever since. I saw pictures of this Paris that they fell in love with, and I thought, “I could fall in love with that too!”

But I didn’t.

Sure, Paris is beautiful. Driving in from Beauvais airport at night, you can see the panorama of the City of Lights, with the Eiffel Tower all lit up (and sparkling, as we drove in right on the hour). I saw the Notre Dame du Paris and Sainte-Chapelle and Sacre Couere, and they were all beautiful. I like that Paris has it’s own rooftop aesthetic (the rooftops are a gray-ish blue, unlike Prague which has red tiled roofs, or Krakow which had a lot of green). Oh, and the food was amazing. But love? Love is a strong word.

Maybe it’s the season. The flowers have just started to bloom, but it was cold and overcast all weekend. Maybe if I come back in the spring, when everything is green and the sun is shining, I’ll have a revelation.

But I think the real problem is the Paris you’re supposed to fall in love with is over saturated. There’s so many well-framed, well-lit, and well-edited photos of what it’s supposed to look like. You’ve seen it a million times through someone else’s lens, someone else’s Instagram filters. It’s like a Pinterest tutorial that looks great, but when you try it yourself, you would maybe get a gold star for effort from your kindergarten teacher. The reality just doesn’t live up to the romanticism.

But that’s okay. Paris is a real city, not a Pinterest board. And even if I’m not “in love”, maybe I could say that I’m “in like”.

A photo I took in the 4th, looking very Pinterest-y indeed

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